The following information is mandatory for the creation of your tale. If your tale does not contain the following, it may be deleted. Repeated or severe offenses will result in termination. Your file must be proofread for grammatical errors (Unless it is intended to for comedic purposes).


Title your file the name of your tale. Eg: Tale of Doom

IMAGE: (Optional, but it is recommended to add in an image of your tale, the choices are endless when choosing what image to use for the tale. It can be a ROBLOX screenshot or created by a logo maker, recommended to use

PRESENTED BY: ______ (and _______, if collab-tale)


TALE BODY: (Write tale here.)

(You are welcome to cut tale into paragraphs using these dividers: '_____' , and can be used in long tales.)



Title your file with the name of your log. Eg: Audio Log: 173-A-█/██/████

VIDEO/MP3 FILE: (Depending if it's an audio log or a video log caught on surveillance cameras, it is optional to implement a recording of the incident or audio from a MP3 file.)



BACKGROUND: (Describe the setting through the camera's perspective)

DIALOGUE: (Emit the sounds of the log in process, whenever it's a conversation between two personnel or the sound of a neck being snapped.)



Tales will be categorized in either Serious or Comedic files.

-Overseer of Foundation Tales and Incidents, Malfrous

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